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There are many ways that one to one and group counselling can be beneficial and there is no limit to the kinds of issues that can be addressed in therapy.


 Your therapy sessions will hold you in the centre of everything we do and we will work with you through any personal issues you may be having. Our approach to your well-being is based on what you need at the moment and we can support you in a number of ways by using a range of different therapeutic techniques. 

All clients are offered a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and work out the best way of moving forward for you. 


GROUP THERAPY can be beneficial to those who would like to speck to and explore with other clients who are experiencing similarissues. SYP has two ways of approaching this, you can set up your own group orbe placed in a pre existing group



Why go for either counselling or coaching, when you can do both? Personal Consultancy is an integrative approach to one-to-one practice that combines counselling with coaching. The process consists of four stages:



Listening Stage; you will have opportunities to express yourself and share whatever is on your mind. Most of clients find this beneficial but this can sometimes not be enough on its own.  


Rebalancing; is about inner work:exploring and working on issues of your choice to archive greater internal balance and harmony.

Again, this is very important, but it does not necessarily lead to tangible, visible changes.


Creating changes; is about making concrete changes and achieving your goals. We all know from experience, though,that sustaining a change is often a greater challenge than making it

Supporting  stage; is about making the change last with the support of the Personal Consultant.


Organisations have a duty of care to their staff and service users and good mental health of all employees is paramount for any organisation to thrive.

SYP offers group therapy to staff and services users recognising the needs to the organisation.


SYP also works with organisations to develop best practice using a therapeutic frame work and training to enable your services users to access your services which offers service user retention. 

This would benefit organisations such as:

Local Councils

Fostering services


Youth centres




Group Discussion
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